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We know what it’s like to have a plumbing emergency in your home, or to have the upheaval of home improvements and repairs.   Our staff make as little fuss and mess as possible and, when we’ve finished, we will clear up after us so that the only way you would know that we have been is that things work as they should.

PipeServ technicians have worked on all sorts of properties from bungalows to blocks of flats.   Our work on older properties has increased our expertise with cast iron pipework, which is one of our specialities.   We are familiar with the problems listed building status can bring.   In short, if you have a problem with plumbing, drainage or sewerage in your home, we are confident we can solve it.   We have Safe Contractor approval, so you can rely on us to do what we say we will.

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What Can PipeServ Domestic Plumbing Help You With?

We have been experimenting with resin coating on the inner surface of cast iron guttering over the winter months, and we are finding that it definitely has its place alongside conventional guttering repairs.

In two situations it can save an enormous amount of time and money. Firstly, if the majority of the guttering is sound and in good repair, using resin to coat and isolate a small rusty leaking section can be an economic way of prolonging the life of the rusty section of the gutter until the whole lot needs replacing. This might give as much as five, or ten, years extra service before the major replacement is needed.

The other situation where resin coating more than pay for itself is if the casting of the gutters or junctions is unique. Where a design is cast into the guttering system, a repair to incorporate the original cast iron work can be costly if it is possible at all. A resin coating on the inside of the original cast iron work can ensure that it continues to fulfil its original function, as well as preserving its integrity by excluding the elements that caused the rusting from the original ironwork. As a means of preserving older cast ironwork, we at PipeServ recommend it.

We have had a lot of success using resin patches in damaged drain and sewer pipes.    After we have inspected the inside of the pipe with a camera survey, we clear any obstructions before we put a resin patch on the damaged section.   After the patch has cured, we do a further camera survey to make sure the repair has properly bonded.

We find this system has advantages in both time and costing.   As we don’t need to excavate the pipe to repair it and we don’t need to reinstate the ground after the repair, there is a lot less mess. We can get straight on with the repair, saving time at both ends of the job.   There are limitations with this technique and not all pipe defects can be repaired this way, but if we think it would be a viable way of curing a problem we would discuss it with you.

We have mechanical means to remove blockages, and sometimes use high pressure jetting equipment when it is required.   The use of video inspection techniques can help us find and sort out problems which are more than a simple blockage.   We ensure that the blockage is completely clear before we finish the job. 

PipeServ can work with any material, whether it’s plastic, aluminium or cast iron.   We are specialists in using linings in those situations where access for replacement is unavailable, or if the original materials must be retained for historic or conservation reasons

PipeServ technicians can get our tanker almost anywhere to empty your septic tank, treatment plant or cesspit.   The service doesn’t stop there.   We will inspect the input and run off pipes and then ensure it is working satisfactorily before we leave.   We are able to diagnose and fix any problem with your sewerage system if it is not working as it should.  

We can replace and update any septic tank, sewage treatment plant or soakaway with equipment that meets the latest industry standards should a repair be uneconomic.

We can replace guttering and downpipes as required.   We can suck out or flush clean your pipes, gutters and drains until they work as they should.   If a soakaway is not functioning we can inspect it and find out why.   If there is no other remedy, we can dig it out and replace it with something that works.

If you want a new kitchen or shower room or central heating system, but don’t know where to begin, PipeServ can help you get what you want.

When it comes to this sort of home improvement project the thought of making decisions can be daunting.   If it involves more than one tradesman organising the right person to arrive at the right time can also be difficult.   PipeServ does not cover all trades, but our contacts make it easier for us to find reliable tradesmen who match up to the standards of workmanship we require at PipServ.   If it has our name on it, you know the quality can be trusted.

Discuss your problem with Ben on 07494 480342.   He will give you an estimate over the phone if it’s a simple job, or he will arrange a site visit if it is more appropriate.   Our estimating service is free of charge, and estimates are valid for 30 days.   

We accept payment by cash, cheque, BACS, credit or debit card.

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