No-Dig Drain Services

No-Dig drain repair, otherwise known as drain lining or patch repair is a technique which works by installing a new sleeve inside an existing damaged drain. These repairs are suitable for pipes and sewers of various sizes and lengths.

Using a No-Dig drain repair is a very successful alternative to the traditional route – excavating and rehabilitating degrading pipework. You can also use it regardless of how long or bendy the shape of the pipe is, as we can line most run lengths whether the drain is vertical, horizontal or features multiple bends.

Pipe lining is ideal for many different types of drain material – whether it be clay, concrete, vitreous china, plastic, polycarbonate, cast iron or pitch fibre. We can also line different types of ducting and install patch repairs from 500mm to 1000mm in length.

How does Pipe Lining work?

After a CCTV drain survey has been completed, our PipeServ team can recommend the best installation technique.

The ‘inversion’ technique involves the liner being turned inside out as it is forced through the pipe, using either water or air pressure to do so. The resin inside then cures, which then leaves you with a seamless full-length repair.

The ‘patch repair’ technique involves a fibreglass matting which is coated with a silicate resin and attached to a large rubber tubes with sealed ends, often referred to as a ‘packer’. The ‘packer’ is then inserted into the drain, into the point of the defect, before being inflated. The inflation process results in the packer expanding and the patch being squeezed against the existing pipework. The resin is left to cure to form a watertight localised patch repair.

What are the benefits of pipe lining ?

  • Quick and easy to use no-dig application ( minimal disruption)
  • Permanent and water tight pipe repair
  • Reduces site waste
  • Cost effective
  • No flow control required in the majority of installations
Before -Drain with root ingress
After - Drain liner installed
Patch Repair